Our Mission

We are dedicated to saving you time and money by avoiding costly permitting delays that can compromise your project. We handle all aspects of permitting and entitlement so you can focus on bringing your project to completion.

A history of successful projects.

Our single-minded focus to keeping projects on track has established our well-known reputation as one of Southern California’s leading project managers and permitting expediters. With 25+ years experience overseeing the permit and entitlement requirements of over 40 jurisdictions, we have acquired unmatched expertise and insight that can only be obtained through experience.

By securing permits for projects throughout Southern California for nearly three decades, we have seen firsthand how important it is to understand the details and develop the right relationships. We have managed some of Southern California’s most complex and time-sensitive developments, enabling the on-time launch of major retail outlets and the seamless advancement of construction phases in master planned communities and other iconic infrastructure projects.

Our philosophy is simple: we understand what’s at stake and we act accordingly. We do everything in our power to protect our clients from project delays that result in thousands of dollars in carrying costs. Our founder, Jackie Hare, has over 30 years in the building industry. She has seen every angle of the permitting process and knows the multitude of provisions that must be completed accurately in order to ensure on-time approvals. She founded J.L. Hare Associates with the goal of delivering superior service by consistently meeting project deadlines while remaining on budget.

J.L. Hare History