About Us

For over 25 years, we have taken the hassle out of the permit approval process for developers, engineers, architects and builders. Our staff of regulatory experts know what it takes to get your permits approved so you can avoid costly delays.

A smooth approval process, from inception to inspection.

From full-scale project management of your entire permit approval process to securing individual permits, we provide dependable expediting services to developers throughout Southern California. No project is too big and no detail is too small.

Why J.L. Hare?

Manage the Entire Process

Our staff of expert project managers is comprised of contractors and permitting specialists who have decades of experience handling all aspects of the permittingĀ approval process.


Problem Solvers

We solve issues before they arise. Our vast experience enables us to spot problem areas in your submittal package that can delay your project and drastically increase your carrying costs.


Strong Relationships

Our 25 years in service have given us a strong presence and credibility at the agency, including a large network of contacts and relationships in over 40 jurisdictions.


Complicated Projects

We are the only niche firm that manages large, in-depth projects throughout California. Our experienced staff and strong relationships enable us to resolve complex permitting challenges.