How We Work

Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed. We streamline the overall permit process for your project. Our proactive approach, transparent communication and fast response times enable us to provide you with the best service possible.

Permitting support, from entitlement, zoning to occupancy.

We start the project by your side and see your approvals through to the end. This long-term perspective enables us to see your project’s bigger picture so we can put your priorities first.
From zoning and entitlement to grading plans, we understand how all permits and approvals work together to ensure your project’s on-time completion. Your approvals don’t exist in isolation. They are part of a much bigger process that can’t afford a delay. We help you obtain the approvals your project requires so you keep costs under control and hit every milestone on time.

Our Process

Research and Investigation

This is an important step in obtaining information regarding all the agency requirements, fees, forms, contact information, tentative map and final map status and Conditions of Approval document. Our knowledge and experience is used to provide you with accurate information that will be helpful in making decisions for your new development.


Pre-Submittal Phase

Pre-submittal meetings are a must to develop the trust between our client, the design team and agency decision makers. Participation in these project planning meetings also allows us to provide critical information about agency requirements including zoning issues and design considerations. This early input reduces future conflict and misunderstandings avoiding costly delays down the line.


Submittal phase

The coordination in this step is a critical process for approvals in planning, grading, building, fire, health, etc. It takes clear communication with the entire development team to respond to our instructions. We coordinate with the your consultants and design team to prepare the construction documents, exhibits and reports for each submittal package per the agency requirements. We ensure that the submittal packages, forms and fees are complete and accurate prior to submittal. Ongoing communication with the agencies and jurisdiction enables prompt feedback.


Entitlement/ Permit Process Final Approval and Issuance

The permit process gets more complicated day by day. To save you time and money we always ask the agency to accelerated processing. We also request “concurrent processing” so the architectural plans will be accepted into plan check without having the planning and grading approved. With our tracking schedule you will know the status of your project throughout the process. Close communication with the design team will ensure that plan review comments are distributed and quickly resubmitted. We are working concurrently to obtain Condition of Approval clearances to achieve final approval and permit issuance.


Construction/Inspection Support

Once the project is under construction we are standing by to expedite field revisions upon request from the superintendent. Getting these approvals depends on many issues including our long standing relations with various agency departments. When inspection conflicts arise, we know what action to take and the people who need to be involved.


Occupancy Coordination

Each agency and each type of construction project can have a different occupancy process. With our involvement, we can provide you with recommendations and requirements to ensure the process goes smoothly. We suggest that a pre-occupancy meeting occur 4 weeks prior to final inspection to include the superintendents and inspectors to meet the occupancy deadline.