Kohls Stores

Kohls engaged our services to project manage the permits for their new stores in southern California. They required a major Southern California rollout.

They had a master plan to construct all the stores concurrently and have an all store grand opening concurrently on the same day. We were given the challenge to make this happen in 20 different jurisdictions. We learned that some of the store were targeted to go in to new shopping centers that were still in the entitlement stages and some ground-up store and some remodels. Our staff created a strategic plan to order the plans, prepare them per each agency’s requirements, order submittal fees, manage the design teams to ensure plans responses, the planning departments issued approval. We always requested expedited plan review. Many store required support from the Board of Supervisors for clearances that were unique. We also helped coordinate occupancy approval with superintendents and inspectors. When opening day arrived, all the grand openings were a success.